We value our customers more than anything, and although they often feel overwhelmed when we begin, at project completion we see very happy faces. See for yourself.

Julie Elliot transformed our closets and essentially our lives by bringing us organization. She helped redesign our master closet, our guest room closet, as well as our office and storage closets. In addition to design and the managing of installation, she also organized our clothes and items in a functional and sustainable manner. The best part is that she did all of this when we were away on vacation. I would highly recommend her for a big or small job, she is extremely competent, trustworthy and dependable.

Mary Stervinou, Mill Valley
Julie has worked with us since the summer of 2006. She has been instrumental and essential in getting us packed up from our temporary apartment and moved back into our house after a 15-month renovation. Julie is very cheerful and kept me going on days when I thought it would never end! She sorted, organized, took trips to goodwill and consignment shops and of course made many runs to the Container Store.

Over time, her tasks have changed but Julie has been flexible and able to adapt to our family’s changing needs. She has run errands and grocery shopped when my business took me away from domestic duties and she took care of our dog during an emergency situation which I will never forget. Now that we are moved back in, we are working on fine tuning our systems that are in place and it feels great. Do not think twice about using Julie’s services, you will be glad you did. Julie is a fabulous support system and life saver.

After a flood forced us to deal with piles of clothes, electronics and other stuff accumulated over 18 years, we turned to Julie on the recommendation of a friend. It turned out to be one of the best moves we ever made. Julie not only helped us make decisions on what to keep and what to let go; she also executed them–hauling off everything to either charities (for which she obtained receipts for tax purposes), recycling centers, or the trash. .

Later, when we had to vacate areas in our loft for repairs and renovations, she found affordable movers and haulers to pack and carry boxes for storage and cart off old furniture. Best of all, she was a pleasure to work with, never making us feel like total slobs for needing her services in the first place! Julie’s services do come at a premium, but they were worth every penny–and we look forward to working with her to keep our home attractive and organized going forward.

Yardena Arar, San Francisco
Julie Elliot magically turns chaos into streamlined, organized systems. She has an eye for space planning, and always has a solution for how to make your closet, kitchen or garage more organized and “user-friendly”.  I’ve worked with Julie to de-clutter homes before they are marketed for sale and I frequently refer her to clients and colleagues needing a top-notch professional organizer.  She works exceptionally hard and takes the time to understand your needs before diving into the project. She is the best!!!
Shannon Hughes, Pacific Union
Julie has been organizing our family since 2008.Here are some of the highlights during that time:
Julie has completed many large projects for my family and ongoing monthly maintenance for over 7 years in 2 different homes. She has implemented organizational systems which are easy to maintain throughout both homes. In our previous home Julie worked with each of my 3 children and taught them to organize and maintain their belongings. The skills have transcended and helped tremendously in our new home as well.

Julie also managed an entire move in 2014 from a 2,900 sq. ft home to a 5,000 sq.ft home in San Francisco. She downsized prior to the move, managed moving day and coordinated with the moving team and us for a smooth transition. She unpacked and organized everything post move. This enabled us to have a stress free move!

Julie worked closely with a design team to devise an amazing walk in master closet, 3 children’s closets, a guest closet, a laundry room, a coat closet and transformed the garage with built-ins. She also worked with the existing kitchen installers to add & remove shelves, re-hinge doors and make adjustments to give better functionality. She also designed all of the drawer boxes for the utensils and bar accessories. Julie has been a team player and collaborated with designers, assistants, construction crew, vendors and household staff.

Julie Independently researched and purchased items for our house such as 2 washing machines and 2 dryers. She has also purchased items that fit well with the existing décor. She built custom emergency preparedness kits, implemented and maintains them. She has also organized all of the family photographs.

Julie is dependable, hard-working, conscientious, honest and non-judgmental. She is also trustworthy. She works with sensitive/financial documents in our home office. She also has access to our residence.
In addition to all of the things Julie has done she brings her full self to the job and treats your home and your needs with such care and diligence.  She “owns” this work in a way that has taken the burden off of me to provide my family with the kind of organized home I could only dream of. My kids get excited, knowing she is coming, because she has taught them how to purge and organize their rooms. She is a gem and we are blessed to have her expertise benefit our family life.

Katherine Kennedy, San Francisco
I heard about Julie through a friend of mine. I had mentioned that I needed to hire a task rabbit to help me gain back control of my closet and create an organizing system for our kitchen. I was spending at least an hour every day looking….looking for my keys, looking for my shoes, looking for the sugar, looking for the kids homework. My husband’s frustration hit an all time high when the spatula overflow was preventing him from opening the kitchen tool drawer and all he wanted was to open a well deserved bottle of beer at the end of the day. My friend said, no, don’t waste your time with a task rabbit. You need to call Julie.

Julie ended up re-organizing my closet, then the kitchen, then the linens, then the basement. She is addictive because aside from the “oh my gosh, thank you, thank you thank you” and “is this really the same closet I had last week?” responses after seeing my NEW Pinterest-worthy cabinet or my Houzz-worthy master closet, I can finally spend my weekends doing what I want to do rather than wallowing in the overwhelming clutter at home.

I asked Julie several times to reorganize these spaces while I was out of town. I was able to give her direction and leave and she magically, like Mary Poppins, made it perfect when I got back! It has been the best money ever spent. She has truly amazing organizational skills, takes her job very seriously, and is extremely thorough and detail-oriented and thoughtful about the systems and processes she suggests. 

I cannot recommend Julie more highly.

Our company is one of the premier providers of home organization cabinets in the greater Bay area (custom closets, garages, home offices, etc.).  Over the last couple of years we have had the privilege of working on several large projects under Julie’s supervision and direction.
Simply put – Julie is amazing!

From design inception, through interface with the client, scheduling and final installation . . . she is a bulldog that will never stop, until all facets of a storage or organization solution have been addressed and put to rest.  In every circumstance, she always champions for the very best interest of her client.  Highly recommended!

Jeff Barkley, Bay Home and Window
Julie is amazing! We have been working with her for 4 years and she has transformed our house (and me!) We started out with some simple projects and found the changes she made to be so significant that we’ve had her back for many more projects. She does it all! I have benefited from her eye for design as well as her top-notch ability to find storage solutions in even the smallest spaces. Guests in our home love the way she’s labeled kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, and, inspired by Julie, I am now the proud owner of my very own label machine. Thank God for Julie, I don’t know what I’d do without her!
Suzanne Hausler, San Francisco
Julie might be a magician…

I have worked with Elliot and company on about 5 projects over the course of the last 3 – 4 years.

I work in the moving industry and visit on average 8-10 homes/apts per week and Julies clients homes are easily the most organized we encounter..

If you are looking for help with your home look no further.

P.S the awesome Scottish accent is an added bonus 🙂
Kevin Twibill, Corrib Moving & Storage Company
Julie and her team came into my home and expertly organized 3 rooms in two days, a job that would have taken me months! They were extremely knowledgeable regarding the products available that would help organize the clutter while still looking good with the decor in our home. They even helped shop multiple websites and stores looking for quality shelves, baskets, and racks that were great quality and still fit within my budget.

It has been almost a year since they finished, and we have been able to keep things organized—even the kids enjoy helping at the end of the day, since everything has a place—and a place that makes sense.

It was a great experience working with Julie and it was a huge relief to finally get those rooms organized in a way that makes my daily life easier. I definitely plan to use them again for several other areas of my house. You can never be too organized, can you??

Julie has been organizing our family for over 7 years. We are a family of 6. During the last 7 years, some of the major organizational projects Julie has executed for us include but are not limited to the following:

Julie implemented various organizational systems throughout our home. Julie comes once month to maintain the great systems she has put in place, and she helps me with ongoing organizational projects. Our family is easily able to maintain the organizational systems Julie has put in place.

Julie managed an entire move in 2014 for us. We went from a 4000 sq. ft home to a 7500 sq.ft home in San Francisco. She helped us downsize prior to the move, managed the moving day and coordinated with the moving team to provide a smooth transition. Moving a family of 6 to a new home isn’t easy, but Julie made it seem and feel easy. Julie unpacked and organized everything post move.

Julie has been instrumental with the engagement of a design team to devise 4 children’s closets, 1 master bedroom closet, 1 guest closet, 2 storage rooms, 1 coat closet. Julie has also transformed and organized our garage.

Julie oversaw the development and organization of 9 spaces within our home. All of the spaces were removed and re-built and reorganized while we were on vacation. All the spaces were in perfect order when we returned.

Julie built custom emergency preparedness kits for each member of our family. Julie also pulled together additional emergency kits for our household and cars. Julie maintains these kits so they are always up to date.

Julie has been a great team player and collaborated well with designers, assistants, installers, vendors and household staff.
Words can’t express how thrilled I am to have Julie in our lives. We trust her implicitly. Julie is kind and nice and fun to work with. She is meticulous, a perfectionist and incredibly detail oriented. She helps us keep our spaces clutter free. She always has her clients’ best interest at heart. I have recommended Julie to many friends and they all have been happy with her work. Thanks to Julie, our house is incredibly well organized and functions like a well-oiled machine. I am so grateful for her talent, expertise and kindness.

Susan Masto, San Francisco
Julie was a tremendous help to our family during a relocation and move. Uprooting a family is a chaotic undertaking and we are so thankful for her help. Julie is a true professional—she is extremely organized, thorough, reliable and trustworthy. She has created sustainable solutions for our home and family and has been very helpful with many other projects—from disaster planning to last minute, urgent matters. We cannot say enough great things about her and highly recommend her.
ITY, San Francisco
I would highly recommend elliotandcompany. I had the pleasure of working with Julie in 2007 and 2008 (and her team on occasion) and I found the entire experience to be excellent from start to finish. My home office was completely transformed and new storage systems implemented with everything in the correct place which allowed me to be more productive and efficient with my time.

They also came in and transformed a large room into a play area for my 4 children. They put in wall systems, furniture, storage containers and made great use of some existing items that we already had. They were always very conscientious for the safety of my younger children when deciding where to place certain items.

elliotandcompany also put together a custom emergency plan for our family. They implemented emergency backpacks and customized each one to fit our family’s needs. I now have peace of mind and know that I am prepared for an earthquake or disaster.

Julie was very knowledgeable about various products on the market. She also did some research for various items that we needed. She is a great listener and has a knack for finding items that matched our décor. Without a doubt, I plan to use elliotandcompany for several other projects that I have coming up in the near future. I am very grateful to them for their excellent work. Thank you!

P.L., Art advisor, San Francisco
After finally giving up on the notion that I would be able to pull this off myself, I hired Julie and her team to help our family pack our 3 story house for a major renovation. This sounds straightforward enough—but it wasn’t, because I’m a pack rat. I’m also a control freak and a procrastinator. Bad combo.

Essentially my husband and I (okay, mostly me) had 30 years of crap stored in a basement cellar, a three-car garage, and two public storage containers—in addition to what was stuffed in all the cabinets, closets, and baskets (I had a thing for baskets) in our three-story house.

It was a daunting task, and I’m not sure which part of it Julie found more onerous: sorting through all the crap, or making her way through me to get to the crap to sort it. Finally, she instituted a rule: what goes in the trash (or the good will bag) stays in the trash. We don’t go picking back through the bag.

Long story short, she was a champ—always cheerful, organized, methodical, and very clever about using humor to help me part with things I hadn’t used in 20 years and lift my spirits whenever I became demoralized by the sheer volume of stuff.

Aside from the fact that she’s just plain good at what she does—knowing all the organizational tricks, supply options and resources, etc,—what I really appreciated the most about working with her is her ability to roll with the punches. Murphy’s Law (If anything can go wrong it will!) definitely applied to our 100 year old home—not to mention our bright idea NOT to move out, but to set up house on the bottom floor. Julie would just come in, assess the situation and use her considerable initiative to make things happen—everything from dealing with contractors, posting things on Craig’s list to running to the store to searching the web to walking the dog. Oh, and speaking of the dog, when we were on vacation she saved the little critter’s life. Seriously. Instead of just cleaning up our 14-year-old dog’s vomit and letting her curl up on her bed (which is all she does when she’s sick) she called our vet and took her in. Turns out Molly had severe gastroenteritis and dehydration. The vet told me that if Julie had not brought her in, she would likely have died from organ failure.

I realize this testimonial sounds like I drank more than my share of the Julie cool-aid. And besides, who’s going to dis the person that saved their dog’s life! But honestly, I’m a pretty demanding and fussy person and I would recommend Julie and her team to anyone without caveat. I don’t make blanket recommendations like this often.

Linda Bradford