Custom Space Planning and Design Service

A unique specialty of elliotandcompany is in offering a fully Custom Space Planning and Design Service.  We can develop an existing space or create a new space within the home. Many clients have caught on to our expertise in this area and are utilizing it to literally transform the way they live. 

Have you ever wondered why your closets, pantry, garage, storage room or built ins don’t work to their full capacity?

  • Remember spending hours trying to get an existing space to work to store your items?
  • Constantly re-arranging your belongings without success?
  • Having to re-do it repeatedly because it simply doesn’t work?
  • Being frustrated at the “wasted space” but there was no way to use it?
  • Piles of stuff building up with nowhere to put them?

Have you ever been challenged with a home project?

  • Remember spending your precious time looking for just the right vendor?
  • chasing multiple bids, comparing designs, materials, services, pricing, warranties? 
  • And once you chose the company, did you doubt your decision? 
  • Remember how difficult it was to schedule yourself to be on-site during each of the allotted time “windows”. 
  • Remember dealing with various installers who cared more about getting in and out vs. making sure everything met your satisfaction? 

We have spent over a decade developing strategic partnerships with Bay Area suppliers.  This allows you to capitalize on our design expertise, industry knowledge, and business relationships with proven experts in many given fields.

Our Custom Space Planning & Design Service is your solution to eliminate these issues and concerns.  Here is what you can expect:

  • We can identify the problems and re-design interior spaces within the home to utilize the space to its full capacity.
  • We will work in tandem with each vendor to utilize and develop your given space to its full storage capacity.
  • We will procure and review all information, designs and drawings. 
  • From inception to completion, we will be there as the liaison between you and the agreed upon vendor . . . turn-key!
  • We will serve as the “on-site” project manager, so you don’t have to be there – giving you back your precious time!
  • Finally, we will champion on your behalf and your home’s very best interest to ensure a stellar experience.